Piano Tuning

Piano tuning cost varies depending on many things. The age of the piano and its condition. How long it’s been since the last tuning. Another thing that affects the cost is the person you hired to do the tuning.

Did you hire a piano tuner or a piano technician? There is quite a difference. A piano tuner does one thing, tunes pianos. A piano technician can tune, repair and maintain pianos. Why does it matter? What happens if the piano tuner snaps a string or breaks a pin?

Beware of low-cost piano tuners and ones that offer a guarantee. Offering a discount or a guarantee could be a sign of a less than professional piano tuner.

Len Hess at St. Davids
Remember “Quality Needs No Apology.” 

There is no official test to be a piano tuner or technician. You might end up hiring someone who thinks they can tune a piano because they have an electronic tuner.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. How long have they been in business? Are they a piano tuner or a piano technician? Ask around. Ask your friends and co-workers. A good piano tuner or technician will have word of mouth.

Len Hess Piano Service has been doing business in San Antonio for over 40 years. A true professional that has tuned thousands of pianos. Repaired and Restored hundreds more.

Trust your piano to a second-generation piano technician. Len Hess Piano Service comes recommended by St. Phillips College, Hillje Music, and many other local churches, schools, and businesses.