Piano Tuner San Antonio

Hire a professional piano tuner that’s been serving San Antonio for over 40 years.

Len Hess Piano Service has been tuning pianos in San Antonio and South Texas for over 40 years. When you choose Len Hess you get professional service, quality work, and affordable pricing. 

Len Hess Piano Service got my 65 year old piano sounding wonderful again! I’m really grateful for their expertise! Thank you so much.
Piano Tuner San Antonio

Call (210) 733-5961 “Grands A Specialty”

Remember its HESS if you want the best ….Len Hess Piano Service. Integrity and professional service since 1979.

Piano Tuning and Piano Repair

Restorations, pitch raise, voicing, and regulation. New keys, refinishing, restringing, and rebuilding.