Piano Repair

Piano repair is intense. Most piano’s have over 12,000 moving parts according to Wikipedia. That’s quite a lot of room for error. Just look at this design from the early 20th century. All of those pieces just to get the hammer to strike the string. Crazy.

Pianos need regular tuning to keep them sounding good. They also need regular maintenance. From the hammers to the dampers and other key mechanisms, regular maintenance keeps your piano functioning properly.

Len Hess has been repairing pianos for over 40 years. Some with parts as old as the one we see here. We repair pedals, actions, pin blocks and soundboards. Replace keytops, piano strings, and casters. Fix stuck keys and stuck pedals.

Most piano manufacturers recommend that you have your piano tuned twice a year. That being said, there is an added reason why Len Hess also recommends it. Each time Len tunes your piano he also does an inspection. Len will give you a free written estimate should your piano need any repairs.

Piano Repair Action

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

Professional and Qualified service is critical to the longevity and maintenance of your piano. Although I am not currently a registered piano technician in the guild(was at one time)in most cases since there are no Licensing laws governing the piano service business i.e electricians,plumbers etc. Your best bet for getting qualified service is to call me:-) or by locating a registered piano tuner near you.At least you have some assurance they know how to work on pianos and and are not do it yourselfers claiming to be a piano service company.
-Len Hess from Tumbtack F.A.Q.

Remember, if you want the best, call Hess! Len Hess Piano Service. Quality, integrity, and trust since 1979.

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Piano tuning, piano repair, and piano restoration. Pitch raise, voicing, and regulation. New keys, refinishing, restringing, and rebuilding.