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Len Hess has been tuning pianos in San Antonio for almost 40 years. Before opening Len Hess Piano Service, he worked with his father at Hess & Sons, learning the skills of a piano technician. Piano tuning, repair and restoration were not the only skills his father had taught Len. Integrity, Honesty and Quality are also part of the Hess family tradition. 

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Owners who prize their pianos have them tuned once every six months. And before each performance. The longer a piano remains out of tune, the longer it will take for a technician to restore it to proper pitch.

When a piano is only out of tune, it loses the glowing tonal quality. Because each note in the middle and upper range uses more than one string, these may get out of tune with each other. Pianos that are more than out of tune tend to be unpleasant to play and listen to.

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Best Piano Tuner In San Antonio

That being said, while there is no evidence that being out-of-tune harms the piano itself. When a piano reaches this condition it usually requires a pitch raise before actual tuning can begin.

Avoid the extra cost and frustration of having your piano get to that point. Call the best piano tuner in San Antonio to keep your piano in top playing condition.

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