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Raised in a family of all musicians and piano tuners I began learning very early about the business. After high-school I realized it was a profession that would keep me close to music while learning a skilled trade for income. Then I discovered I was good at it, and my interest in piano service grew.

Len and Mark Hess
Mark & Len Hess

I enjoy what I do. If you can enjoy yourself at work, well, I think its a good thing. Makes for good results as well. I have Brothers, uncles,cousins, nieces and nephews scattered across the lower 48 who are piano repair service tradesmen\women. Shall I say, it runs in the family?

After I have repaired or restored their piano to its former glory, some say better than new. It is hard to describe the gratification it brings. Or take a neglected instrument. And restore it to its original appearance, sound and performance. Dedicated to maintain the manufacturers original specifications or improve upon them if possible.

Proper care and maintenance are paramount to the sound and performance of your piano. All piano manufacturers recommend two tunings per year. Keep your piano in optimal condition with regular service by Len Hess Piano Service.

Call (210) 733-5961 “Grands A Specialty”

Remember its HESS if you want the best ….Len Hess Piano Service. Integrity and professional service since 1979.

Restorations, overhauls, standard-tuning and pitch raising. New keys, refinishing, restringing, and rebuilding.