Len Hess Piano Service

“Quality needs no Apology.”

Piano Tuning Cost

We do not service electric organs or electric keyboards

Len Hess Piano Service
Piano Tuners at Work
Len Hess Piano Service
Len Hess and Mark Hess restoration of a grand piano

Piano Service

Quality, Integrity and Trust . That’s what you get when you use Len Hess Piano Service to maintain your piano. We take care of tuning, stuck keys, broken pedals, new strings, refinish, even complete restoration. No job is too small or too big. 

Not sure what your piano needs? Please give us a call. We would be more than happy to give you a written estimate, itemized with each service your piano needs. Please visit this page for basic cost and information about our services.


Extra Service

Feel like hearing live music at home? Just tell your piano what song to play thru and app on your phone! We can convert your grand piano into a player piano that is connected to the internet. Call for more details.

Just like good cigars need a humidor, your piano may need a dehumidifier. Keeping the humidity around your piano between 30% to 50% can prevent serious damage over the life of your piano. Call us to set up an appointment.


“Grands A Specialty”

Remember its HESS if you want the best ….Len Hess Piano Service. Integrity and professional service since 1979.

Restorations, overhauls, standard-tuning and pitch raising. New keys, refinishing, restringing, and rebuilding.