Len Hess Piano Service

Piano Tuning, Piano Repair, Piano Restoration

Serving San Antonio and South Texas

We do not service electric organs or electric keyboards

Len Hess Piano Service

Our History

Len Hess Piano Service has been tuning, repairing and restoring pianos for over 40 years. When you chose Hess you’re choosing a business with integrity. You’re choosing quality workmanship and a name you can trust. San Antonio and South Texas have been choosing Hess for two generations.

Our Mission

Restoring a Steinway Concert GrandNo job is too small or too big, we take care of pianos. This is the mission of Len Hess Piano Service. From the restoration of a Steinway Concert Grand, to fixing stuck keys, we take care of pianos.

Not sure what your piano needs? Please give us a call. We would be more than happy to give you a written itemized estimate. Please visit our service page for basic cost and information about our services.

Our Services

Here are some of the day to day services we provide:

  • Piano Tuning
  • Repair Stuck Keys
  • Repair Stuck or Broken Pedals
  • Install New Piano Strings
  • Piano Voicing
  • Caster Replacement
  • Piano Cleaning
  • Pitch Raise
  • Regulation

As stated above, if you’re not sure what your piano needs or don’t see a service listed please give us a call

Some people ask why moving their piano makes it go out of tune. It’s not moving the piano, it’s the new environment the piano adapts to.            -Len Hess

Our Advice

Good cigars need a humidor, your piano may need a dehumidifier. Keeping the humidity between 30% to 50% can prevent serious damage over its lifetime.

As humans, we love going outdoors and feeling the sun on our skin as well as a nice cool breeze. Your piano does not.

Your piano is not like a human. It’s more like a vampire. Keep it out of direct sunlight. Keep it away from exterior doors and windows. Don’t place the piano in a direct path of the air vents.

Avoid drastic changes in the air temperature and humidity around your piano.

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“Grands A Specialty”
Remember its HESS if you want the best ….Len Hess Piano Service. Integrity and professional service since 1979.
Restorations, overhauls, standard-tuning and pitch raising. New keys, refinishing, restringing, and rebuilding.