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Manufacturers recommendations for Piano Tuning:

All pianos need to be tuned regularly. The amount of time between tunings for a fine instrument depends on many factors, especially the stability of the temperature and humidity and the amount of use the piano receives. In general, Kawai recommends 2 to 4 tunings per year. However, your piano technician can best recommend the appropriate interval for your specific environmental conditions and use.

Steinway & Sons
Piano tuning should be carried out by an experienced tuner or technician. Frequent tuning during the first year, as the strings, adapt and tuning pins settle. Afterwards, your piano should need tuning at least twice a year. Professional playing needs tuning three or four times a year. It is important for the pitch to be A-440 as changes in pitch can cause the tuning to become unstable.

National Piano Foundation
To get the best performance out of your piano, make sure to have it serviced regularly by a qualified technician. In the first year after purchase have the piano tuned at least three times, to account for its acclimation to your home’s environment. After that, have it tuned at least once a year. A piano should be tuned to A-440 Hz or standard pitch, but the pitch is only one variable that your technician can adjust.




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